Carbon Fleet Management

Use Technology, Manage Your Fleet Happily and Easily Digitize all information and processes of your vehicles, benefit from smart features and artificial intelligence now.

carbon mobilityYour business transforms with technology

All transactions of your vehicles are now on one screen! Collect any data you follow and manage from individual screens in Carbon, reach, analyze and use them at any time.


It collects all your data from your suppliers such as invoices, contracts, fuel oil, HGS-OGS, damage-maintenance, inspection, tire, vehicle-driver tracking, traffic fines on a single screen.

You upload your data quickly with smart document recognition technology or automatic supplier integrations.


It automatically distributes and analyzes all data and expenses uploaded to the system according to the relevant vehicles, persons and departments. You can quickly access the data you want, whenever you want. With manual work, you no longer waste time, you eliminate the possibility of making mistakes.


It provides you with meaningful results and reports by processing your data. All reports that are important to your company, that will save you money and save time are at your disposal and digitalized whenever you want. You log into the system whenever you need, whether at home or at work.

With the early warning system, it monitors everything for you, warns you when the time comes, and you never miss anything.


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