Basistek focused on more efficient working of the information technology groups

Category: Basistek, Haber 05 April 2017

Basistek focused on more efficient working of the information technology groups

Basistek which gives consultancy service about IT management and monitoring to domestic companies and international companies located in nearby geography remarks information security with increasingly-growing significance. "Our objective is to enable the information technology groups to work more efficiently. We offer the programs that are more appropriate, efficient and result-oriented" said one of the Managing Partners of Basistek, Barış Baykan.

Baykan spoke as follows: "The primary issue about the records opened at help desks arises from that calling person chooses the wrong category. Moreover, finding the person for solving the issue takes time. It results in waste of time. Even, usually, the call may need to be ended and remade. At this point, Basistek employs HPE Smart Analytics and introduces a solution in which users enter only problems without having to choose different fields. The system equipped with Turkish support interprets the description like human and finds the party to whom it should transfer. Thus, it forwards the call to the right person. As a result, the loss of time related to the records which are classified and transferred wrongly is minimized and the time needed to solve records is shortened." Baykan highlighted that the smart computers which communicate with the user develop themselves further as the user makes mistake. He underlined that it is aimed to regulate IT processes, thereby ensuring a more efficient working of the information technology groups. Baykan told that they appeal to the group of information technology staff. Furthermore, he mentioned that they aim to ensure a more proper operation of holdings by accelerating their internal processes.

Barış Baykan pointed out to the targeted consultancy and license income which is 2.5 million dollar. He stated that they keep taking important steps in their sustainable growth target with multinational projects after collaborating with Nesma Holding in 2012. "Nesma Holding is one of the biggest holdings in Saudi Arabia. It plans to make all investments in information technologies through Basistek. Additionally, it operates in several branches in Turkey with Negmar Holding, İstanbul Lines, Avrupa Eye Hospitals, etc. The holding cooperates with Basistek on IT side. In particular, we started to work on marketing our service products in Saudi Arabia. In line with this, we plan to achieve consultancy and license income of 2.5 million dollar. We want to enter the nearby markets to increase the figure" said Baykan.

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